What can we truly learn from Impact Studies?

My work with CDI is to help the evaluation of development impact. This implies research to detect outcomes that change in response to a project or a programme, and explore the conditions that contributed to the realisation of these effects. However, these projects and programmes are always context-dependent. Each impact study, or for this blog post, ‘effectiveness’ study, has specific characteristics that make their impact ‘unique’, which limits the usefulness of their findings to the outside world – the so-called ‘external validity’.

Attributing development impact: the QuIP quest for better impact evaluation

In this CDI seminar, James Copestake will introduce the QuIP and explain how and why it combines features of causal process tracing, outcome harvesting and realist evaluation while addressing confirmation bias and confirmability problems associated with much qualitative social research.

The use of micro-narratives for monitoring, evaluation and learning in complex programmes: An introduction to the practice of SenseMaker

Steff Deprez will present the principles and practice of the SenseMaker methodology and provide examples of SenseMaker applications in diverse programmes for both monitoring and evaluation processes.

The role of evidence in a changing world

The Centre for Development Impact has convened a panel of global development experts to discuss the role of evidence in a changing world and ask what next for international development.

Introducing CDI’s new director, Giel Ton

In July 2017, I joined IDS as the new director of the Centre for Development Impact. I look forward to developing CDI further as a platform and safe-space for innovation in impact evaluation.

Highlights as a CDI Director: New Frontiers, ethics and people

It is exciting times for CDI as I hand over the Directorship to Dr Giel Ton, Fellow at IDS, and Deputy Director, Dr Rachel Eager at Itad (find out what Giel is looking forward to working on as

Lee Imray

Project Administrator

Mixing methods to assess the impact of private sector support: experiences from the Dutch PRIME-programme

In this seminar, new CDI Director Giel Ton will present his experiences with research design to improve real-time monitoring and evaluation in PSD organisations – Pioneering Real-time Monitoring and Evaluation in small and medium enterprises (PRIME).

Giel Ton

Director of the Centre for Development Impact