An unprecedented revolution has swept over the development scene since the turn of the century: it is market-led and emphasises the mobilisation of private energies, funds and skills. A brand new cast of influential development actors is transforming the state aid monopoly. The development evaluation discipline, shaped by public sector concerns, has not kept pace with this deep-seated transformation. It has failed to deliver adequate and timely evidence about development impact. Nor has it addressed the basic fiduciary concerns associated with private sector funding or tapped the promise of the new information technologies.

The Centre for Development Impact (CDI) aims to encourage debate, promote innovation and foster alliances to identify, design and pilot evaluation solutions that will meet the demands for impact evidence in market-oriented development programmes and interventions.

CDI will provide a platform for collaboration and networking among decision makers and opinion leaders, as well as researchers and evaluators from the public, private and voluntary sectors as well international development practitioners and thinkers who wish to make evaluation responsive to the priorities of a development world in rapid transition.