By Giel Ton

In July 2017, I joined IDS as the new director of the Centre for Development Impact. I look forward to developing CDI further as a platform and safe-space for innovation in impact evaluation. Over the last decade, I’ve worked as a methodologist on impact evaluation in Wageningen Economic Research, focusing on interventions that aim to empower smallholder farmers in markets. Before that, I worked with farmer organisations in Latin America, in Nicaragua and Bolivia, supporting collective marketing initiatives and as policy adviser to get policies and regulations that enable these initiatives.

I look forward to continuing CDI’s work in experimenting with innovative research methods that answer ongoing questions about the effectiveness of interventions while enhancing learning by the stakeholders involved. I would like to be part of creative and interdisciplinary processes of research and evaluation design. Through these processes, we can add methods to our toolbox based on understanding of appropriateness and threats to validity of findings. This increases the rigour of both quantitative and qualitative-oriented research and evaluation.

I’m looking forward to working with CDI’s network of skilled researchers and practitioners across their impact evaluation work with clients, and to help develop appropriate, rigorous and empowering research designs.  We have seminars, events and papers planned for the coming year, as well as our ongoing work on impact evaluations, so watch this space!

Read some of Giel's work: The Mixing of Methods: A Three-Step Process for Improving Rigour in Impact Evaluations

Partner(s): Institute of Development Studies