The Training Office at the School of International Development at UEA recently held a course on Impact Evaluation for Evidence-Based Policy in Development. Participants came from varied geographical and professional backgrounds, from Kyrgyzstan to Uganda, international organisations to self-employed, and throughout the course enjoyed rich discussions, imparting knowledge and gaining a deeper understanding.

The course aimed to address an important prerequisite for incorporating impact evaluation (IE) into programme design: a theoretical and practical understanding of IE approaches to enable selection of appropriate methodologies, coupled with careful appraisal of the resulting evidence. The course introduced participants to current quantitative as well as qualitative evaluation techniques for impact evaluation and gave them an insight into the critical understanding of the roles they can play in the design and assessment of public policy and development interventions. The group enthusiastically tackled the difficulties of learning STATA and the intricacies of evaluation research designs and econometric techniques, all bolstered by the support of the experienced teaching team.

The training course was not confined to the lecture rooms. The group enjoyed a Norwich city tour, UEA walking tours and social dinners, all giving them the chance to expand their network and get to know their colleagues. 

The Impact Evaluation course received lots of positive feedback with the techniques learnt already being implemented in participants’ projects. The course will run again in March 2018. For more information please email