Claire is Principal Consultant at Itad, leading work on citizen empowerment and government accountability.  She has over 15 years’ experience as a social development consultant and an established track record in managing projects and teams.

Her main technical areas of expertise are: the empowerment of citizens to influence governance processes; the design, management and strategic oversight of challenge funds to strengthen the capacity and influence of civil society; and approaches to increasing people’s access to basic services, particularly health and education.  Her work is underpinned by strong social analysis skills, which she applies to understand formal and informal dynamics that shape people’s lives and develop interventions that are tailored to the context.

Claire has managed numerous short and long term projects, where she has successfully blended technical leadership and quality assurance with project planning, team leadership and mentoring, TA and resource management.  She is experienced in interfacing with clients, ensuring deliverables are manageable and delivered to a high quality on time.

Claire has an excellent understanding of DFID policies as well as experience with multilaterals such as the World Bank and UNICEF.  Her geographical experience spans West and East Africa, South Asia, countries of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.